A Strategic Approach to Grant Seeking and Fundraising

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18 Dec 2023
Now Reading: A Strategic Approach to Grant Seeking and Fundraising
As the philanthropic sector evolves, it is important for for-purpose organisations to apply strategic thinking to their fundraising programs. In partnership with Strategic Grants, Evans & Partners recently hosted a series of educational seminars, exploring how not-for-profit (NFP) organisations can enhance their fundraising capacity. Here are some of the key takeaways.


Don’t wait until the last minute.

Grant funding cannot be relied upon for last-minute financial needs. Grant processes are not designed to accommodate such urgencies, and instead, should be viewed through the lens of longer-term relationships. Most grant deadlines occur annually, and the assessment and decision-making process can take anywhere from one to six months. Therefore, organisations seeking grants must engage in strategic forward planning to meet these timelines.

Measuring and reporting your outcomes.

Funders have clear expectations. Projects should be mission-aligned and should demonstrate a tangible purpose. Funders are interested in understanding the impact of their contributions. Organisations must be able to measure the outcomes of their projects (either quantitatively or qualitatively) and report this back to their funders. Despite the rigour involved, many funders expect transparency to support authenticity and ensure long-term multi-year funding partnerships.

Building relationships and trust.

Relationships with your donors is critical for long-term grants success. To access longer term, unrestricted, multi-year funding, funders must trust an organisation to deliver projects aligned to their stated mission. This means communication is key. Clear communication ensures that potential donors understand the purpose, goals, and intended outcomes of projects, allowing them to make informed decisions. Regular updates and transparency on how funds are utilised also provides accountability, reassuring donors that their contributions are making a meaningful difference.

Setting the organisation up for success.

For organisations looking to elevate their chances of fundraising success, Strategic Grants ‘Best Practice Tracker’ outlines seven core areas of focus.

Consideration Key Indicators
Strong organisational governance & leadership
  • Is the CEO and Board willing to talk to major donors?
  • Is there strong internal collaboration between teams, for planning, performance measurement and donor engagement?
Internal project development & evaluation
  • Is there an agreed process for internal project planning and development?
  • Is monitoring and evaluation built into projects?
  • Is there a centralised, prioritised ‘wishlist’ of pipeline projects?
Key messages


  • Is there a ‘Key Messages’ document, containing key organisational information that donors and funders typically require to assess organisation’s capabilities?
identification & matching
  • Is there an efficient, regular and systematic approach to finding the right funding and grant opportunities for each of your projects?
Strong donor communications & funding applications
  • Does the organisation have the writing experience and skills internally to prepare strong donor and funding submissions?
  • Do submissions succinctly provide strong evidence, rate highly and leave no unanswered questions for funders?
Funding success & reporting your outcomes
  • Are donor and funder reports delivered for funding received?
  • Are they on time?
  • Are partner expectations exceeded?
Donor & funder engagement & stewardship
  • Is time spent building relationships with funders prior to applying for grants and funding?
  • Are robust outcomes reports provided to exceed donor expectations?

Source: Strategic Grants, Best Practice Tracker

Getting professional advice.

Fundraisers are increasingly recognising the need to seek professional advice to optimise their efforts and enhance organisational efficiency. External organisations can play a pivotal role in improving the strategic capabilities of philanthropic entities.

For further information on our Not-for-profit specific advice offering, or to contact a specific member of the team, please visit our Not For Profit Advice page.



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