Take control of your retirement

The amount you have set aside for retirement can significantly impact the enjoyment of your later years. That’s why taking control of your investments and aligning them with your retirement goals is crucial.

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be an appealing choice for those seeking greater control over their retirement funds. If you are interested in this option, seeking assistance from experienced professionals can make a meaningful difference.

The benefits of an SMSF


As trustee, you have greater flexibility to tailor the structure of your super fund to suit your specific requirements. You can make your own decisions on growing your wealth for retirement and put a robust plan in place for your beneficiaries.

Effective tax management

With carefully considered tax strategies, you may be able to reduce your tax liabilities so that more of your savings are growing to fund your retirement. This can be particularly important during the transition to retirement phase. We recommend seeking personalised advice when considering the tax treatment of self-managed super.

Investment choice

Access a broader range of investment options to suit your financial goals – including some that are not available within a retail superannuation account. It may also be possible to borrow within an SMSF to purchase an asset, which may offer further flexibility. It’s important to note there are strict rules around borrowing within an SMSF and you should seek advice before considering it as an option.

Cost Management

The administration and accounting costs associated with an SMSF are generally fixed, regardless of the super balance. This means an SMSF may become more cost-effective as your balance grows and there may be additional benefits to pooling your superannuation with up to five other people.

Helping you at every step

Our comprehensive SMSF accounting service will help you take control of your super while giving you the support you need. You’ll have a dedicated SMSF Accountant who provides a broad range of services. The team uses advanced software to support their personalised service, so you can be assured that your accounting services will be accurate, efficient and high quality.
Establishing your SMSF.
Maintaining pension and contribution accounts.
Compiling trust deed and establishment documentation.
Coordinating an annual audit.
Preparing annual financial statements and tax returns.
Completing all ATO reporting obligations, including TBAR, PAYG and BAS.
Preparing trust deed minutes and fulfilling ongoing SMSF compliance requirements.

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