Meeting the complex needs of multi-generational families

Managing your family’s wealth is a complex task, requiring considerable skill, sensitivity and knowledge. An increasing number of high-net-worth families are choosing the support of professional family office services to help with this critical task.

Virtual family office

Evans and Partners offers a virtual family office model which delivers sophisticated personal service without the administrative overheads and cost associated with setting up a traditional family office. 

  • Coordinated, holistic financial advice — from a single team who knows your personal circumstances and objectives.
  • Freedom to work with your existing, trusted service providers – including accountants, lawyers and investment managers. 
  • Governance and administration – help with policies, meetings and minutes along with consolidated reporting across all of your assets. 
  • Flexibility to add or remove services as required — enabling a more customised approach to managing your wealth.

Tailored services for your family’s wealth

Evans and Partners works with your family to formulate the vision, design the guidelines and implement the framework required to manage your family’s wealth.
Holistic Investment management

We are committed to creating a personalised portfolio that provides the most effective investment outcome for your family. Providing advice across a broad range of asset classes, Evans and Partners strive to deliver specific outcomes that meet your objectives and expectations within the context of the prevailing and forecasted economic environment.

Trusted partners

We work with you and your advice network to define your family’s approach to financial and non-financial objectives. Our process is flexible enough to coordinate and integrate external providers and we manage the required coordination on your behalf.


To direct the strategy and define your investment goals and objectives, we will work with you to develop an investment policy. We can also assist you in creating a family constitution and mission statement. Combined, these form the core of the governance framework for the family office and ensure that all decisions and actions are firmly in the family’s best interests.

Reporting and administration

We provide comprehensive whole-of-wealth portfolio reporting which extends to property and assets which are held externally. This  covers performance, consolidated balance sheets and tax reports, creating efficiencies in administration and taxation management.

Sustainable investing and philanthropy

Applying the family’s core values to the investment process, we have dedicated in-house resources to educate, establish and monitor your sustainable investment approach. We also help support your family’s philanthropic endeavours from structuring options through to engaging directly with organisations aligned to your areas of impact.

Education and networking

We have a broad network of family relationships. We facilitate networking opportunities between family offices to discuss ideas, share knowledge and experiences and identify potential opportunities. We also deliver an education program that can be particularly valuable for the next generation. 

Looking for family office services?

Speak to one of our senior advisers about how our Family Investment Office can help you and your family.