Collective expertise guiding a new standard of investing.

The best investment advice is built on the insights of a team of experts that bring diverse points of view. At Evans and Partners, your adviser draws on the expertise of our Investment Committee, Chief Investment Office and Product Review Group.  

This robust structure brings a data-driven framework and governance overlay to investment decisions. This means you can be confident that our team will maintain a calm, considered approach through all phases of the market cycle. 

At the core of this approach is our Investment Committee. The Investment Committee draws on the expertise of the Product Review Group and Chief Investment Office to cover all aspects of the investment process from macroeconomic foundations, through asset allocation decisions to investment product selection.

“The Investment Committee oversees a framework designed to guide investment decisions and ensure they meet the highest standards of advice. They provide a governance overlay to the investment process and add additional expertise to asset allocation, product selection and portfolio construction.”
Honor McFadyen Independent Chair, Evans and Partners Investment Committee


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee plays a central role in our overall approach to investment management. It is responsible for designing the overall investment framework, developing investment principles and policy, setting asset allocation and risk parameters and guiding quality investment product selection.


Chief Investment Office

The Chief Investment Office identifies the latest investment opportunities and market risks. It makes recommendations to our Investment Committee, which uses this analysis to guide its strategic asset allocation strategy.


Product Review Group

The Product Review Group identifies asset managers with the skills, experience, and resources required to produce consistent risk-adjusted return outcomes and makes recommendations to the Investment Committee on the Approved Product and High Conviction Lists.

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