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Simplify your wealth, amplify your prosperity.

Getting started with the investment process can be time consuming at times intimidating. The Evans and Partners Core Multi-Asset portfolios are designed to bundle the broader Evans and Partners expertise into an easily accessible investment solution.

Getting started

Through our experience, we know many individuals do not prioritise their own financial wellbeing. Regardless of age, the advantages of establishing an investment portfolio are clear. Long term investors benefit from the effects of compounding returns.

Our core multi-asset solutions

Utilising the Evans and Partners asset allocation framework, the portfolios provide investors with access to a variety of best of breed fund managers without the time commitment or expertise required to manage their own investments.
Core Income Portfolio

Suitable for XXX investors

Core Growth Portfolio

Suitable for XXX investors

Core Sustainable Portfolio

Suitable for XXX investors

Key benefits

Streamlined Experience

Streamlined access and administration with full transparency.

Professional Management

Leverage the expertise of the Evans and Partners Investment Management team.

Diverse Range of Options

Solutions suitable for income, growth and sustainable focused investors.

Portfolio Updates

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